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Electrolysis Treatments

amelia james

Electrolysis is the only method of removing hair permanently. In electrolysis, a very fine sterilized probe is inserted into the follicle along the hair shaft to the dermal papilla. A low level electrical current is sent down the probe, destroying the papilla. The loosened hair shaft is then removed. Your best results will be achieved through regular repeated visits as more than one treatment may be necessary to completely eliminate the papilla and permanently prevent hair regrowth.

Three methods are available. Thermolysis cauterizes the dermal papilla using high-frequency current or radio waves. Galvanic used a direct current to convert body salt and fluids in the hair follicle into a chemical which destroys the papilla. Blend is a combination of both currents together on the same probe. To book an appointment, please call Amelia James at 707-539-4896.

15 minute session 42.00
30 minute session 52.00
45 minute session 62.00
60 minute session 72.00

Minimum $30.00 charge for appointments less than a 15 minute session.